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Rolfing is traditionally structured around a holistic series of 10 sessions, which you can read about here.  Individual "fix-it" sessions and shorter series (usually following a 10) are also available.  If you are at all unsure please don't hesitate to call me and we can set up a free 20 minute consult and demo so that you can meet me and get a sense of how we will work together to get you moving and feeling better in your body!  825-439-4186 

75-90  minute Session

A 75-90 minute Rolfing session is $152.38 +GST. 

Full 10 Series

For series work, it is simplest to pay for sessions as you receive them. Series work may run longer or shorter than ten sessions as I adapt the series to the needs of the client.  If you pay in advance and for any reason do not wish to complete the series I will be happy to refund your money, minus the cost of individual sessions already received.  Full Ten Series: $1523.80 +GST

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A Rolfing 10 series is like a full body overhaul. I want you to have the freedom to explore higher levels of functionality, to move more dynamically and efficiently and to not be held back by your experience of your own body.  Accomplishing that might mean freeing restrictions in the neck, it might mean helping the pelvis and hips to find the freedom they need to allow easy walking and running.  Intra-nasal and oral work can lead to improvements in jaw function and relieve residual tension from braces or habitual grinding.  Carrying that work up up to the scalp can help with migraines and ear issues.   In all of these endeavors a Rolfer is considering and working with these structures in the context of the larger body and mind they exist in relation to.  Movement and education pieces form an important part of the process as well,  setting the client on a path to integrate structural changes into their daily lives and habits of movement so they (hopefully) don't end up returning with the same problems.  


Despite the fact that many people come to Rolfing in search of relief from different problems the rolfing ideology focuses not on fixing localized problems but on helping an entire being to realize a greater level of functionality, awareness and agency over their body.  In this way we can live and move more sustainably and have more opportunities to embrace life to the fullest.  That being said people experience relief or mitigation of a wide range of issues as a secondary result of this system wide release of reorganization.

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